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Dutch news in English:









CBS, Statistics Netherlands

Holland Handbook; an informative book on living and working in Holland

Living in the Netherlands or moving to the Netherlands

Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the International homepage with addresses of Dutch Embassies abroad

NBT, Netherlands Board of Tourism; including a map of the Netherlands

Movie portraying the lives of five foreigners in Holland



ACCESS, Administrative Committee to -Coordinate English-Speaking Services

Code of conduct and a list of higher education institutions in Holland that have signed the Code

HBO-raad; information about higher -professional education and universities of -applied sciences in the Netherlands

Informatie Beheer Groep; Dutch education and regular student grants (in Dutch)

Ministry of Education, Culture and Science; information provided by the Ministry of -Education, Culture and Science

Nuffic, Netherlands organization for -international cooperation in higher education

NVAO, Netherlands-Flemish Accreditation -Organization; body responsible for the accreditation of existing programmes and -assessing new programmes

PAEPON, the representative body of private education and training providers in the Netherlands (in Dutch)

94 95 PIE, Platform for International Education in Holland

SAIL, Council of Institutes for Postgraduate International Education in the Netherlands

Study in Holland, everything you need to know about life and study in Holland, including a database of English-taught study programmes

VSNU, Association of Universities in the Netherlands



Grantfinder; online search engine that brings together a range of Dutch -scholarships for international students



AON, insurance company that provides insurance for foreign students

IND, Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst; information on Dutch immigration laws

IPS, Insurance Passport for Students; -specially developed for students, researchers and

teachers going abroad to study or work

Learn Dutch; the Learn Dutch website is a resource for distance learners who like to exercise their mind with a difficult-to-learn language

Preparing your stay; a brief description of how to arrange visa and permits, insurance, housing, diploma evaluation, etc.

Staying in Holland; information about -formalities on arrival, working while -studying, traineeships and working after your study

Undutchables; website of recruitment agency for internationals



HAn, the Holland Alumni network; resource for Holland alumni and anyone else who is interested, with full information on alumni matters in the Netherlands and the rest of the


Studentbase; an online community for inter-national students who are planning to study, are studying or have finished their studies in the Netherlands

Studentpanel; for internationally-oriented and open-minded students who would like to share their experiences and the ins and outs of studying abroad

AIESEC; website of the international student organization

ESN, Erasmus Student Network in the -Netherlands

DIS, Day of the International Student; an -annual festive event for international -students, organized by Nuffic

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